Precision in Every Panel

Electrical Panel Mapping with CircuitIQ

Revolutionize your home’s electrical management with CircuitIQ’s advanced panel mapping technology. Experience unmatched accuracy and safety, from planning to emergency response.

Revolutionize Your Electrical System Management with circuitIQ 

Electrical Panel Mapping with CircuitIQ simplifies your home’s electrical system, enhancing safety and efficiency. From identifying overloaded circuits to ensuring emergency preparedness, CircuitIQ is your partner in electrical management.
Safety Enhancement
Improve home safety by preventing electrical hazards. CircuitIQ provides clear panel labeling for safe and easy maintenance.
Efficiency Gains
Streamline electrical maintenance and reduce energy costs with precise circuit mapping. Know exactly what’s powered where.
Emergency Preparedness
Be prepared for any situation with accurately mapped electrical panels. Quick access in emergencies saves lives.
Maintenance Simplicity
Simplify electrical maintenance with CircuitIQ’s intuitive app and smart labeling. Ensure your system runs smoothly year-round.

Our 4-Step Process

Electrify Your Safety

Book Your CircuitIQ Session

Set up a session to revolutionize your home’s electrical panel mapping for enhanced safety.
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Connect the Dots

Precision Mapping

We plug in CircuitIQ mappers for accurate tracing and mapping of your electrical circuits.
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Full System Sync

Circuit Integration

Cycle through breakers as guided by our app, integrating your entire electrical system.
Clarity in Power

Automatic Labeling

Conclude with clear, automated electrical panel labeling for easy future reference.

What we look at

Precision mapping is at the heart of our CircuitIQ service, where we ensure your electrical system's safety, compliance, and efficiency. Our process is designed to reveal the full picture of your home's electrical health.
Accurate Circuit Tracing: Verifying the connection of each outlet to its breaker.
Overloaded Circuits: Identifying potential overuse that could pose a hazard.
Mislabeling Issues: Correcting any inaccuracies in panel labeling.
Code Compliance: Ensuring all electrical work meets current standards.
Code Compliance: Ensuring all electrical work meets current standards.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CircuitIQ, and how does it work?

CircuitIQ is an advanced power mapping solution that simplifies electrical panel management. Here’s how it works:
Connect: Plug CircuitIQ mappers into each outlet and connect them to the central hub for precise electrical circuit tracing.
Cycle: Follow the app’s steps to cycle the breakers. This step is crucial for system integration and digital twin creation.
Print: Automatically generate electrical panel labeling for easy reference and maintenance.

Is having a Panel Map required?

The National Electric Code (NEC) mandates that electrical panels be labels. In some municipalities, it is a legal requirement and could result in fines (for commercial and public buildings)

How do I update my CircuitIQ Map?

You or your electrician can easily update your map
Download the app to your mobile device.
Scan the QR code on your panel sheet
Locate the specific panel you want to update.
Edit the panel information in the fields provided

Is the CircuitIQ app free?

Yes! Our app is free to download and use. Professionals can use this app to track and manage electrical information for multiple sites. Home/business owners can use the app to see information about the electrical system on their premises